Mope io a multiplayer online survival game.  You need to rely on food and other living things to survive.  In this game, you can start from a small mouse. On the premise that you are not threatened by life, the more you eat, the more you can evolve from a humble mouse to a mighty dragon.

Mope io’s game operations

In Mope io, it can be operated by the left mouse button.

Mope io’s game content

You can choose the role you want to be. There are 117 kinds of animals to play in Mope io, including rare animals.  You will start from a small mouse and crawl on the battlefield, eating berries and growing.  Consume everything you can and then become bigger to destroy your enemies and rule the battlefield.  It provides many yummy things here. Of course, you can only evolve and survive and become the most advanced master in the game if you keep eating.

Mope io’s Game Features

If you want to be a rare animal in Mope io, it can be said to be an accidental opportunity.  The dragon king and the black dragon are both the top of the food chain.  It is a unique animal-based online game in which rats compete by eating other delicious foods.

Mope io is a real game in which the weak eat the strong, and the strong are holy. You can only upgrade yourself and grow up if you keep eating, instead of becoming a dish for your enemies. For a challenging box head, you must face the zombies directly and make great efforts to attack. Only in this way can you successfully break the zombies and win the game.

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